Control your crops

Your crop is at the palm of your hand through your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Through our easy-to-use interface, meaningful statistics and clear view of the crop conditions. At low cost (rapid gain of profit due to water and other cost savings) and reliably through the use of industrial grade equipment. With a high potential for expansion (adding more applications and equipment to support high-accuracy agriculture).

Automated Irrigation

SynField offers automated irrigation when and where it is needed based on actual crop needs

Remote Control

Manual or personalized rule based, remotely controlled smart irrigation by handling solenoid valves, pumps start/stop or relay-switches.


An innovative system that combines IoT, telecommunications, big data and agricultural technology.

Thanks to its state-of the art and expandable design, SynField nodes can be interconnected in the field by means of a multi-hop mesh network (at the sub-GHz ISM band, 868/915MHz) supporting Line-of-Sight (LoS) distances of at least 1km, while they comply with the EN 300 220 standard and offer the M-Bus standard compliance format (all performance classes).
Click on the SynField Head Node (green) or Peripheral Nodes (white) for more information on the supported sensors and actuators

The device to make your crop smart.

  • Soil moisture
  • Air temperature
  • Wind intensity/direction
  • Soil conductivity
  • Water flow/pressure
  • Leaf wetness
  • Irrigation control
  • Automation rules
  • GPS tracking
  • Soil temperature
  • Air humidity
  • Rainfall
  • Water content
  • Solar radiation
  • Photosynthetic activity
  • Control relays/solenoid valves
  • Alerts
  • Energy autonomy
vendor independent solution
for smart agriculture applications

Predictive Analytics

SynField provides a rich flavor of services, such as disease prediction and smart irrigation, tailored to your crop, soil characteristics and micro-climatic conditions. In collaboration with the best Universities and Institutions across Europe, Synelixis offersmodern disease prediction models for several crops and climaticconditions. Through SynField graphical interface, the user is able todefine his own rules that would trigger alerts whenexceeded.

Monitoring and Forecasting

Monitoring of soil, atmospheric and plant conditions, in order to predict for crop diseases probability.
Apart from visualizing physical values (such as soil humidity, air temperature, etc.), SynField also offers specialized agriculture values such as Growing Degree Days (GDD), Evapotranspiration, etc., that are extremely helpful to farmers and agriculture scientists in order to manage fertilization and irrigation activities.

and Alerting Mechanism

The user is capable of configuring rules that trigger alerts under specific circumstances, such as thresholds for disease prediction, that can be sent via email/SMS and moreover sendcommands to remote SynField nodes to control actuators forirrigation control purposes, e.g. solenoid valves, relay-switches, etc.


Beyond the web-based management application, SynField comes with SynControl, an Android mobile app, available free of charge at Google Play store. SynControl utilizes the Bluetooth interface of a mobile device to connect to a SynField node in the field, to retrieve, edit or update SynField node configuration, set-up the in-field network of peripheral nodes, get/set the list of sensors/actuators attached to the node, get stored log-file, resetor restart the node.

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